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Division B Events
Regional Level

Pipetting Samples

Life, Personal, & Social Science

Anatomy and Physiology

A test event focusing on sense organs, the nervous system, and the endocrine system in the human body.

Bio Process Lab

A lab event focusing on fundamental scientific processes within the life sciences like measuring volume, length, temperature, pH and mass. 

Disease Detectives

A test event where teams will use investigative skills in the study of disease, injury, health, and disability in groups of people.


A test event in which teams will demonstrate their knowledge of North American birds.

Earth and Space


Dynamic Planet (Hydrology)

Teams will use process skills in this event to complete tasks about freshwater on Earth.

Meteorology (Climate)

In this test event, teams will use quantitative analysis and processing skills to answer questions and interpret data, graphs, charts, or images related to world climate/climate change.

Solar System

​In this test event, teams will demonstrate their knowledge of planet formation, the structure of our solar system, and extrasolar systems.

Image by Nicolas Thomas


Crave the Wave

 A knowledge and process event in which teams will solve problems and questions related to waves and wave motion.

Crime Busters

A lab and test event in which teams will collect data, perform tests, and analyze evidence from a mock crime scene to solve a crime.

Food Science

Teams will demonstrate their knowledge of food chemistry with a focus on sugars and also build a hydrometer to measure sugar solutions.

In this engineering challenge, teams will build and tune a musical device, and complete a written test on the physics of sound and music concepts.

Storm the Castle

In this event, teams will design and construct a device capable of launching projectiles onto a target.

Image by Bill Oxford



An engineering challenge event where teams build a wooden bridge structure to hold as much weight as possible.

Mission Possible

Teams design, build and test a Rube Goldberg-like device which completes a series of small, specific actions to accomplish a task.

Technology Class


Experimental Design

Teams will design, conduct, and report the results of a scientific experiment from start to finish in a limited time frame.

Ping-Pong Parachute

Teams design and build up to three bottle rockets to launch a ping pong ball attached to a parachute into the air to achieve the longest amount of time aloft.

Write It Do It

A technical writing exercise where teams write a description of a contraption and other teams will attempt to recreate it using only the written description.

laptop use.jpg

State Level Additional Events


In this event, teams will cryptanalyze and decode encrypted messages using a variety of modern and historical techniques and ciphers.

Electric Wright Stuff

In this engineering challenge event, teams will design, build, and test free flight electric-powered monoplanes that maximize their time in the air.

Green Generation

In this event, teams will demonstrate their understanding of ecological principles, sustainability, and the consequences and solutions to combat the impact of humans on the environment.

Mousetrap Vehicle

In this engineering challenge event, teams build and test a vehicle that uses two mouse traps as its only means of propulsion.

Road Scholar

In this test event, teams will be assessed on their knowledge of state highway maps, topographical maps, road atlas or satellite/aerial images.

Rocks and Minerals

In this test event, teams will be assessed on their knowledge of a variety of rocks and minerals.

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