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Tournament Info

Division B MSO Balt Tournament – March 4th–6th, 2022



We are excited to have you participate in the Maryland Science Olympiad Baltimore tournament is March 5th, 2022. It is virtual except for an in-person option for 3 build events. There are 3 sections:

         (a) Tests and Labs via Scilympiad virtual platform,

         (b) Builds, via upload of recordings
               and files or an in-person option for Bridges, Mission Possible and PPP, and

         (c) Virtual STEM/Career Fun Sessions – by Morgan Students – Sat Mar 5th.



Events in the MSO Baltimore Regional (Subset of 17)


Schedule- Tests, Labs - Scilympiad Virtual – Sat, Mar 5th

Schedule and Venue- Builds - For 2 options: 1. Virtual  Fri, Mar 4, by 7 pm.  File upload.  For Bridges, MP and PPP only, there is an in-person option, Fri,  Mar 4th, 4-6  pm. Location: at Ft. Worthington, 2710 E. Hoffman St, Baltimore.  Sign up for time slots via this link.

Virtual STEM Career Fun Sessions – by Morgan students – 10:15, 11:45, or 1 pm. Flyer Link

Mandatory Rosters

Each team must complete their team roster and have it signed by a coach AND a school administrator due by 6 PM on Thursday, 3/03/22. If we do not receive this form, we cannot let you compete.


This form is generated at: [ -> Head Coach Dashboard -> Student Event Assignment -> Principal Certification]


The signed and completed form should be submitted at: [ -> Head Coach Dashboard -> Upload Documents]

How to Participate

See the Master Table of Participation Instructions and Rules Mods. Each event is in the Master Table with how to the event will be run and links to one-page Participation & Rules Mods Instructions if applicable. These include the submission links for required uploaded files. Test and Lab Events are in the Scilympiad online platform. Build events require a video and at least one log.

Tests & Labs  - Log in to Scilympiad platform

- Training, Scilympiad- “How To” – Coaches  

- Training, Scilympiad- “How To” – Students


- Write It Do It – **Coaches provide this list of supplies to Do-er. Writer sees the model in Scilympiad.

- Experimental  Design – In Scilympiad. Students need a timer (YouTube, phone, other)


Builds -  Virtual and In-person options. 

  • See Master Table for Instructions Links for specifics. Build Log Templates here.

  • Virtual –  Fri Mar 4th, 7 pm.  You will record your build test and upload the videos and the practice logs via these Event Instruction Links (Table of event vs google form links).   Includes Rules mods.  

  • In-Person – Fri, Mar 4, 4-6 pm. Only for Bridges, MP, & PPP. See above Schedule & Venue- Builds.

  • Sign up for Timeslots – via this link.

See Participation Instructions Table for specifics. Build Log Templates here.

Virtual STEM/Career Fun Sessions

By Morgan Students – Sat. Mar 5th.  Flyer & Links.

  • Morgan students and professors from Biology, Computer Science, Math, Chemistry, and Engineering will each lead an hour-long, fun, interactive session (Periods 1,2, & 3) on their majors, games, Morgan, and the range of careers available.

Awards Ceremony 

Sunday, March 6th, 4-5 PM 

The Awards Ceremony will be virtual, streamed through Zoom and YouTube. The link will be sent to coaches after the tournament. 

Division C MSO Balt Tournament – March 19th, 2022
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