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Team Building

Ideas from Teachers to Add Engagement Virtually

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More Ideas
  • Play Picture This, Fast Facts, or Mystery Architecture 

  • Student prizes!

  • Passports, stamp sheets, points for participation--they can fill them out as they go

  • Games like trivia, scavenger hunts, or monthly challenges

  • Students sharing with students--idea sharing, discussion board, or sharing on a Google Doc

  • Give prizes for attendance using CCSL attendance spreadsheet

  • Use a Leaderboard or Passport/Bingo fill-in, or Prize listing to build excitement

  • Do fun Monthly Challenges Or periodic fun 'Question of the Day' on a fun science or math topic (one question, or short list of questions)

  • Post a Sharing Board (Word or Google Doc) for students to share their MSO experiences in Sessions, cool things they learned, or whatever

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